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Virtual Hair Care Session is a one-on-one detailed consultation & analysis based on your current hair condition.

We use the information submitted from your pre-consultation form and dig deep into the facts of your hair issues. We customize a realistic 90-day treatment plan that will cater to your hair care needs to truly recover from heat damage, over-processed chemically treated hair, mild alopecia traction & more. 

Our knowledge is founded on ten years of experience within the beauty industry, comprehensive education, and certification of becoming a hair loss specialist granted by The United States of Trichology, intense research, and proven results. We have encountered and assisted an endless amount of women in maintaining healthy hair goals. 

We will be sure to make your treatment plan precise for your exact hair type and lifestyle. 

Get started today; we know we can help as we have helped so many others! 

The Process:

•Help us to get to know your hair a little more.
Fill out our Pre-Consultation Form with a few standardized questions to understand your current hair condition. Upload a clear view picture (no face needed, just hair) to the bottom of the form. 

Let’s meet. Your session will be scheduled, which is 45-60 minutes of intense information. You can pay for your session right on our website. 

The FUN part. Now we’re ready to get you set up to achieve those hair goals! The treatment is for 90 days; with consistency, you should most definitely encounter results.  

Oh, this is going to be good! Make sure you are free from distractions and have good reception so that we can make your session as seamless as possible! 

See you soon😉

Please understand that your Virtual Hair Session sale is final.